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Create high-performance, cross-platform mobile apps with native user interfaces. With the help of our Xamarin app development company, you can create highly functioning apps. Construct a mobile app efficiently with an exceptional user interface with Xamarin's cross-platform development.

Get the Best Xamarin App Development Services

Creating apps for each platform and OS is expensive and time-consuming. However, native experiences, which are OS or platform-specific, are typically superior to cross-platform developments. With Xamarin, developers can write single codes to run on several platforms. Thus, allowing businesses to reach their target demographic more quickly and efficiently.

At Inwizards, we offer top-notch Xamarin application development services to businesses of all sizes. We are one of the leading Xamarin app development companies that are favored by our clients. Our expert developers have extensive experience in creating robust, customized mobile applications that meet clients' unique needs. Our collaborative approach ensures that our clients are involved in every development stage. Whether you need a simple mobile app or an enterprise-level solution, our team is capable to deliver outstanding results. This, with a focus on quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

What’s Included in Our Xamarin App Development Services?

We provide complete Xamarin development services to help scale your business. Our Xamarin services include everything from consultation, development, testing, and migration, to maintenance for all platforms.

Xamarin Mobile Development Consultation

We provide comprehensive consulting services for all types and sizes of businesses. From UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance for iOS, and Android, to Windows.

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Our Xamarin app development service ensures your app is secure and scalable. We make sure your business objectives are diligently met. Thus, running our apps on several platforms with the same level of performance as native apps.

Xamarin App Testing

Our Xamarin App Testing includes comprehensive testing of Xamarin apps on various devices. We also perform testing for different platforms to ensure that they are stable, performant, and user-friendly.

Xamarin Migration/Updation

Our Xamarin Application Development Services include migration and updating of existing apps. This includes migration to the latest Xamarin version or other platforms. Thus, ensuring compatibility, performance, and security.

Support and Maintenance for Xamarin

Inwizards Software Technology offers ongoing support and maintenance for Xamarin apps. This includes bug fixes, updates, and optimizations to ensure they remain functional and updated.

Why Choose Xamarin Cross-Platform Development?

Xamarin is a popular cross-platform development tool that allows writing single code for multiple platforms. This significantly results in a seamless user experience. Additionally, its benefits include single code deployment, easily maintainable code, and various testing tools. Thus, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for mobile app development.

Native Like Experience

Xamarin provides a native-like experience for cross-platform development. Our Xamarin developers based in India write code in a single code for multiple platforms. This results in a seamless user experience, user-friendliness, and simplicity.

Single Code, Multiple Platforms

Xamarin allows developers to write a single codebase that can be deployed across multiple platforms. Thus, reducing development time and cost while maintaining a consistent user experience.

Easily Maintainable Code

Our Xamarin developers based in India write easily maintainable code with reusable components and automated testing. This ensures the stability and longevity of the application.

Testing Tools

Xamarin provides a range of testing tools, including automated UI testing. Additionally, its integration with popular testing frameworks ensures high-quality and bug-free applications across platforms.

Why Choose Inwizards Software Technology?

Inwizards Software Technology offers expert Xamarin app development services. With a skilled and dedicated team, a track record of success, and a commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, we are the ideal partner for your next project.

In-depth Knowledge

Choosing our Xamarin app development company provides access to in-depth knowledge and expertise. We have over a decade of experience in creating cross-platform mobile applications. Our skilled team delivers customized solutions that meet clients' unique business needs, ensuring success.

Expert Dedicated Xamarin Team

At Inwizards Software Technology, our expert dedicated Xamarin team provides high-quality and customized solutions. With years of experience and a proven track record, we ensure the success of your Xamarin project.

97% Success Score

Inwizards Software Technology has a tremendous 97% success score for Xamarin development projects. Credits to our Xamarin app developers' expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch solutions.

Careful Vetting Process

We have strict screening and interview procedures to ensure that we only hire qualified Xamarin developers. Our process intakes tests, interviews, and other evaluations as required of all applicants.

100% Transparency

At Inwizards Software Technology, we value transparency in all our Xamarin development projects. We ensure you are fully informed and involved throughout the entire process, guaranteeing 100% transparency.


Having a one-stop shop for all your business needs is more than just convenient. Especially, when dealing with complex projects that require more than just Xamarin development knowledge. Over the years, our Xamarin app development company has come to some firm conclusions. And have collected some frequently asked questions in response.

The cost of Xamarin mobile app development varies depending on several considerations. This includes app complexity, features required, and the expertise of the development team. On average, it can range from $5,000 to $50,000.
Yes, we offer support and maintenance services post-launch. We ensure that any issues or bugs that arise are addressed promptly. We also make sure the app is updated with new features and improvements over time.
Yes, you can hire a Xamarin developer on a full-time basis. Our full-time Xamarin developers are available to hire for 8 hours a day. This can be a cost-effective and efficient option for long-term app development needs.
Xamarin can be used to develop various types of cross-platform applications. These platforms are Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Here are just a few examples of established apps developed with Xamarin:
  • JustGiving
  • Azure App
  • The World Bank
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Academic of Motion Pictures Art and Sciences
  • American Cancer Society
React Native and Xamarin are both popular cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. The main difference between the two is that React Native uses JavaScript and has a larger developer community. While Xamarin uses C# and .NET and is preferred by companies that use Microsoft technologies.

React Native has better support for UI customization. While Xamarin offers better performance and access to native APIs.